Tokyo - Heneda Airport [RJTT] for Tower!3D
by Nyerges Design

Tokyo International Airport, also known as Tokyo Haneda airport is located in Ōta, Tokyo. Haneda is a primary airport of the Greater Tokyo area. Tokyo with Haneda and Narita airfields has a buzzing system. The city has the most crowded airfields in Asia, and has the third busiest airport system in the world after London and New York.

Until 2010, the vast majority of domestic flights to and from Tokyo took place at Haneda airport. In 2010, Haneda opened a new runway, which made the landing possible for long-haul flights. Haneda became an international airport.

In 2018, the airfield handled more than 87 million passangers, whic made Haneda the fourth busiest airport of Asia.


Requires Tower!3D SP3 or Tower!3D Pro SP2

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